Lifestyle Client Group


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What -


This page is to develop the Lifestyle Client Group - a Community and Environment combining REALLY living life and Financial Planning.


You get to play more when we advise on your money.


Other Financial Advisors as an intro have you sit through a (typically) boring 3+ hour expensive dinner to tell you how great they are.  If you’re one of our likely clients you would probably rather be out playing so check us out directly and go skiing on us.  Every advisor spends money on marketing; our marketing is giving you the chance to play more.


** Get a FREE lift ticket anywhere in the world just for checking us out by getting a personalized financial plan for you – This is available to everyone.  You participate in this, so it will take some time on your side too.


** Get a FREE season pass anywhere in the USA as a $500k tier client…Including New Mexico Ski Santa Fe, Pajarito, and even the multi-resort Vail/EPIC and Squaw/IKON passes…or any other one you choose.


** Refer someone who becomes a Season Pass tier client, you also get a season pass.


Examples of Lifestyle Client Group benefits:


All Clients, anytime – Invites to Lifestyle Client Group activities.  Most events are completely complimentary; at some clients cover the lodging or food, etc.


Winter – Professional ski and racing instruction at various resorts.  Backcountry snowshoe or alpine touring hut day or overnight tours.


Summer – New Mexico and Western states – Rafting, rock climbing, bike and motorcycle  touring, hiking, day or overnight multi-day trips.  Chicago/Midwest – Sailing on Lake Michigan.  (future sailing option to expand to San Diego)


Why –


It is important to me that people get the life they want – in all aspects of life.


The investments are managed by my trusted former partners at Morgan Stanley - Leonard and BK (info below).  They do an excellent job at a fair price, provide a great value, I recommend them highly, and I wish to help them grow their business. (To see what this means specifically look below under “Why are they so good?”)


*** Any yahoo can look like a good investment guy in rising markets…THE test comes in down markets.  That Leonard retained MORE THAN 98% of his clients through and after the 2008 meltdown is a testament to his approach.  Think about this.  This is really important!


At this time I do not get anything for referring them business.  I am in the process of reactivating my licenses after which I may share in business proceeds.



How –


I’m out in the world sharing with people what I’m up to.  If it is something they (you) want to be involved with they can do so.


My 2 other main things are:

Getting the life you want - Landmark Education (web link)

Kids get that anything is possible and they can do it - Kid Possibility (web link)


The intent of Lifestyle Client Group is to develop a Community and Environment where people get to play more in their life especially in the great outdoors.  You know, REALLY live.  Leonard and BK already strive to get their clients the life they want.   This is my spin on gathering like-minded folks together.


I assert that money for the sake of money is empty and that it is what we do out in the world and how we contribute to others and the world is what really makes a difference in our lives. 



Why are they so good?


Active accounts are flat fee only so you can be assured that any changes to the holdings are for the benefit of the portfolio and not because they want to generate extra commissions. (more on commissions below)


Holding accounts are no fee and no commission – if you have stocks that Mom or Dad gave you that you want to hold forever, move them over and just park them.  No cost to move them, no cost to hold them.


Clear and low total costs.  Portfolio for active management is 1.5%/year up to $1 million then reduced from there.  Investments inside portfolios are structured for low cost.


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